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DAY#7 of 365- A 1hour Massage is an Instant MINI Vacation

Most people when asked what would they do if they won the lottery…the most common answers given is go on vacation and buy a house.  I say….hire a live in , 24hr on call massage therapist.  Available to give me a massage whenever I wanted.   For the past six months I have been saying that I was going to get a massage, as I have neck, shoulder and back injuries from a car accident years ago and I needed one badly as I was in pain…Today was finally the day.

I am not one of those lucky people who have a health insurance plan that covers massages (yes I am jealous…so many of my friends who do, NEVER take advantage of it?  Crazy!) so I opted for a student to do the massage for ONLY $37 ….at the prestigious  Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic at 330 Dupont St. Suite 400 (1 block west of  Dupont subway station) Call 924-1107  ext. 10 ….to book an appointment

These are qualified students that are supervised by professional teachers that randomly monitor the massage.  Since I have had a lot of massages over the years, by some amazing therapists, I was honestly a bit worried whether I would like the quality of the massage.  Gladly, it was amazing. The students name giving me the massage was Josh.  He was a very nice and had a very calming personality that put me at ease.  Due to my injuries I did not choose to do the relaxation massage, which is a choice, but instead choose to focus on treating the problem areas.  He worked on the injured areas for about 40 minutes after he did the initial first assessment.  I will try the relaxing massage next time.

The massage area was one large, very clean and nice room, with thick curtains dividing the different massage beds/stations.

I felt so much relief of the pain that I had when I 1st arrived.  Left feeling relaxed and refreshed.  I went home and took an Epsom salt bath which is recommended after a massage.  Heavenly!

A great massage… AN INSTANT MINI-VACATION in the busy city for *only* $37.00!

They also do specialty clinics for…Seniors, Pregnancy, Sports Injury, Breast Massage,Pelvic Chronic Pelvic Pain, Central Nervous System Clinic….

All these clinics if you are eligible are * only* $15 for a 1 hour appointment.

I qualified for the breast massage clinic because I had surgery a few years ago.

Will let you know how that goes next week.

I need to win the lottery ASAP, I need a massage everyday! ;-)

***I have completed 1 WEEK of FUN in Toronto!  Only 51 more weeks to go!

Please send me some ideas and recommendations of FUN and interesting things to do in the city!  (Unless it is a worm eating contest lol…one of my smart Alec friends suggested that).
I would also like to thank everyone for your comments.  Keep them coming I really appreciate them and they encourage me to keep going and to finish this exciting New Years Resolution! And please forward my blog to your friends and family. I will be announcing the details of my 1st contest/ give away this week…so subscribe and keep on reading. See you tomorrow

DAY#8 of 365- The National Weight Loss Challenge and Saturday Night Ice Skating Party

Today I went to register for the “X-Weighted Challenge” nation wide weight loss challenge, event with a friend.  .

It took place at X-Treme Fitness Gym at Yonge and Dundas.

They gave us a gift bag, containing a measuring tape, granola bar and coupon, portion control fridge magnet, a blue nap sack and a pedometer.

It is a 26 week journey to get into shape and in the end there is 7ooo dollars worth of porizes for the winner!  I am crossing my fingers and I am feeling lucky.

Why don’t you join me if getting back into shape is one of your New Years Resolutions?  Week 1 starts today.

Every Saturday night at the Harbourfront there is free a DJ Skate Nights.

A live DJ plays music until 11pm.  Tonight was a 50 and 60’s dance party theme.  Next week it is house music.

It was so much fun, even though I was on my behind half the night.  It has been almost 20 years since I have skated.  I forgot how much  fun it was.  I rented skates for 5.00 but will buy a pair of my own skates.  And its also a fun exercise!

They even provided free hot chocolate the entire night and that is until Feb 13th.

They also sell other hot beverages out of a vending machine for only 1.00… like coffee, soup, cafe mocha.  Or food and drinks in the indoor cafe which is a great place to take a break, play games, chat with friends and family and warm up.  Or fill up your thermos at home and bring it with you.  The last day to skate is March 5th.

Just remember to dress warm and you will be fine…

It was a fun night and I will go back a few times at least, before the season ends.

I am going skate shopping this week and for some pink laces like I saw one woman had.

The next time I will strap a pillow to me for protection :-) .

DAY#15 of 365-Toronto’s BEST Wings…The Wing Company!

Why has no one told me about this place before?

These are the best wings in the world…not just in Toronto.

I just stumbled upon  The Wing Company by accident as I was walking down King Street.  As soon as I walked into the restaurant at 700 King St. West @ Bathurst, I had a feeling I was going to like the food.  Very clean, bright and the level of attention to detail was impressive.  Friendly staff, the smiling and nice owner on site, and a stream of obviously very regular customers coming in to dine or for a quick pick up and a warm and welcoming and community “Cheers” like feel to the place…are always good sign.

There is a large selection different wing flavours, so I asked the cashier which ones were the most popular.  She said their ’signature’….’Smoked Lime Tequila’  and the Buffalo Style.  So I opted for the Buffalo Style-Hot!   For 10 big wings and choice of fries or celery and a signature dip, it was only $9.98.  I also had a Boylan’s Vinatage Creme Soda.

It was love at first bite.  I have never tasted wings like this before.  Wow the flavours were so intense and yummy!  These really are the best wings in the city.  No false advertising here.

Warning you may become addicted!

I cant wait to go back and I will be bringing some and telling all my friends!  They also deliver.

If you are having a Superbowl Sunday party,  a family dinner night, lunch, a late night snack after a night on the town, something to bring to a get together or when you are simply hungry and want something good to eat, etc….this is the place you want to go to or order your wings from.

DAY#2 of 365-A World Famous Peameal Bacon Sandwich & a Conversation about Life & Love with a 73 yr old Jamaican-Canadian Saxaphone Player

Today I was ‘inspired’ to have the ‘world famous’ peameal bacon sandwich at the Carousel Bakery & Sandwich Bar, which is located inside the historic St. Lawrence Market.   My inspiration came from the fact that today it was -20 degrees, with the wind chill factor and the St. Lawrence Market is only a 5 minute walk from my home… ;-)

These sandwiches are as Toronto as you can get and they are loved by the locals,  bus loads of tourists, and famous celebrities such as the chef Emeril Lagasse and Catherine Zeta Jones, etc.   The walls infront of the sandwich bar are covered with thank you letters from countless celebs who just  love these yummy sandwiches….that are only $5.30 +tax.

The owners are 2 brothers Maurice and Robert.   Robert was not in, but I spoke to Maurice for a while and he is one of those warm and friendly guys, with a great sense of humour, that after 5 minutes of talking to, you feel like you have known him forever.

Just look at Maurice’s smile :-)   No wonder his place of business is so popular and his food tastes do good… You can tell he cooks his food with lots of ‘love’


I struck up a conversation with two nice guys, who were enjoying  their peameal sandwich.

We started talking about great food in the city and they gave me a suggestion of a South American (Uruguay) restaurant in the city.  I asked how were their empanadas,  because I love them, and he said they are amazing.  So I will be making a visit there very soon.


As I sat and ate my sandwich I heard the most soul stirring saxaphone music coming from around the corner.  When he finished playing I put a few dollars in his sax case and told him he plays beautifully and introduced myself, and asked him how his day was.

His answer to me was this… ”sometimes people dont understand that someone could be smiling on the outside but crying on the inside”  I asked him what was wrong and he told me his brother passed away in Jamaica and he will be going to his funeral this week.  I offered my condolences.  Then I pulled up a chair and just listened for as long as he wanted me too.

He told me about his 50+ year international music career starting as a little boy in Jamaica,  when he attended the well known “Alpha Boys” music school,  playing with the world famous “Skatalites” and touring the world, to working with the legendary recording studio & label “Studio One” nicknamed the “Motown of Jamaica”.  He said  it was always ‘just about the music’ and that he  just played for the love of the music & for the people.   I learned lessons about life & love from this amazing 73 year old talented musician.

I went to the market expecting to spend $5.30 to fill my hungry stomach….never expecting that having a conversation with this amazing stranger, would fill my soul….PRICELESS!  Thank you Karl.  We will continue our conversation when you return from Jamaica….

And now  I would like to introuduce you to baritone saxaphone player…. Karl Bryan aka Karl “CannonBall” Bryan.

Below is a short youtube clip of him playing in Toronto this summer… ENJOY!

Karl \”CannonBall\” Bryan Playing for the People of the World