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DAY#58 of 365- The Amazing Volunteers of ‘Crisis Camp’-Toronto

Today I helped out a bit doing some admin work, watched,  documented and blogged about the amazing tech volunteers of the  Crisis Commons Toronto division of the great non profit charity Crisis .  A group of people who decided to use their Saturday to help people half way across the globe who are going through a crisis.

From the “about page” on the Crisis Commons Website…

“Founded in March 2009 through an impromptu Tweetup at Government 2.0 Camp, a small band of idealists and innovators gathered to discuss the idea of a creating a common community through a mash-up of citizen volunteers, crisis response organizations, international humanitarian relief agencies, non-profits and the private sector. Within minutes, the CrisisCommons communitywas born and CrisisCamp events were created to unite communities, seek common ground and cultivate innovation in the use of technology for mobility and efficiency during crisis.”

Today’s camp was originally going to be dedicated to the relief efforts in Haiti.  But another earthquake happened in the early morning, in Chile.  So there was a change of plans to help the people of Chile during those very important and critical first few hours and days right after the crisis.   A CBC writer and reporter was also in attendance.

I first heard about Crisis Commons during a seminar I attended called “Tweeting for Haiti” at ‘Social Media Week’ conference and the Toronto coordinator Heather Lesson was on the discussion panel.  You could just see and feel how passionate and dedicated she was in  helping those facing a crisis in Haiti (and elsewhere), by utilizing her skills and talents to assist where she can.  Some people are just helpers and givers and she is one of those people.  Some people say they want to help and give back,  and from what I learned about how much she has given of her energies and time, she is definitely a ‘doer’ and not just a talker.

We need more people in the world like her and the other volunteers I witnessed today.

I said I would help by doing anything as long as it is not tech related (i.e. admin stuff, take pics and videos, take notes, pick up lunch, etc.) as long as I did not have to touch a computer beyond email and social media sites.

I am not very tech/computer literate, it is not my strength.  Yes I know, hard to believe because I write a daily blog.

But I am just starting to get the hang of it…and very slowly & a little too slowly I might add (you can hear my frustration)!

I believe in the power of social media to help make positive changes, raise awareness of great non profit organizations and for fundraising efforts that we have recently seen for the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

Below is an interesting article about how a man raised money through social media…

\”How one man used social media to raise $91,\” 000 for charity\”

This is a great non profit organization, I have seen the the positive results of their efforts, I believe in and will support in whatever way I can.

If you can help, or know someone else who may be interested, please check their website/wiki page for a crisis camp chapter near you or you can start one, or the Toronto camps blog below

Crisis Camp T.O. Blog

There are a lot of good people in the world!  And the people of Crisis Common are a perfect example of that.

DAY#57 of 365-A Tropical Oasis-A Little Nature in the City

This tropical green oasis, is located in an office building in downtown Toronto.  Yes, I know, its hard to believe.

The Robertson Building on Spadina Ave.  The people who work in this building and this is the 1st thing they see when they come to work everyday are very fortunate.  I love it. Its is beautiful.

A little nature in the big city.

One of those “hidden gems” in Toronto I discovered by accident looking for something a few weeks ago.

It is called a Bio Wall  Naturaire (Living Walls) , is the green company that built this beautiful, lush, green tropical plant wall…

It is beautiful but also CLEANS the indoor air quality in the entire building.  As someone with asthma, I could immediately tell the difference in air quality just standing in the lobby of this office building.

The air was so fresh and clean.  It reminded me of the Caribbean.

I want a Bio Wall in my apartment.

A real ‘Breathing Space’…

Nature is so BEAUTIFUL, I am in awe of it.  A reminder to take care of her much better than we presently are.  I am trying to live more green  (I still have a lot to learn) and recently joined my buildings green committee.   The city of Toronto is 18% parkland and the City has a lot of green initiatives in place and  others coming up in the near future.

If you have any Green living tips/info, please share.  Every little bit helps

Red Olympic Mittens, “Canada” Hat & Scarf *GIVEAWAY #3*!

The “I BELIEVE”– Red Olympic Mittens, the “Canada” Hat & Scarf Give Away!!!

This will be the 3rd time I will be giving away these mittens, in the  past few weeks!

To enter your name in a draw to win a pair of the popular 2010 Olympic red mittens, hat and scarf….. just say the word “HELLO” in the comment section below…

Thats all you have to do to win. Good Luck!

(And you dont have to be Canadian to enter it is open to everyone!)

News clip about the popularity of the Red Olympic Mittens


***Olympic mitten, scarf & hat CONTEST Update:

The deadline to enter the contest has been extended through Friday, March 5th. GOOD LUCK!

*Thank you for following me on this journey.  (I have had some major website technical difficulties over the past few week which have THANKFULLY  just been resolved, by my professional,  patient & very helpful web guy Tony of  Akira Studio .  Tony has been a life saver, for this very tech illiterate woman lol!  So my backposts will be reloaded over the next couple of days) .

I just want those who are following along to know that your patience, comments, emails and words of encouragement are very appreciated!

I am really doing all of this on a ‘budget’ and I am not that tech literate at all lol.

So a big THANK YOU! :-)


And dont forget your feedback and suggestions for FUN things to do in the city are VERY welcome!

Have a fun-filled week!

…and remember “Life is to be enjoyed & lived, get out and have FUN!”

***Olympic mitten, scarf & hat CONTEST Update:

The deadline to enter the contest has been extended through Friday, March 5th. GOOD LUCK!

***And stay tuned, I will be giving away the Red Canada Olympic hooded sweater and 2 of the very popular “CANUCK”  T-shirts for women.