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DAY#57 of 365-A Tropical Oasis-A Little Nature in the City

This tropical green oasis, is located in an office building in downtown Toronto.  Yes, I know, its hard to believe.

The Robertson Building on Spadina Ave.  The people who work in this building and this is the 1st thing they see when they come to work everyday are very fortunate.  I love it. Its is beautiful.

A little nature in the big city.

One of those “hidden gems” in Toronto I discovered by accident looking for something a few weeks ago.

It is called a Bio Wall  Naturaire (Living Walls) , is the green company that built this beautiful, lush, green tropical plant wall…

It is beautiful but also CLEANS the indoor air quality in the entire building.  As someone with asthma, I could immediately tell the difference in air quality just standing in the lobby of this office building.

The air was so fresh and clean.  It reminded me of the Caribbean.

I want a Bio Wall in my apartment.

A real ‘Breathing Space’…

Nature is so BEAUTIFUL, I am in awe of it.  A reminder to take care of her much better than we presently are.  I am trying to live more green  (I still have a lot to learn) and recently joined my buildings green committee.   The city of Toronto is 18% parkland and the City has a lot of green initiatives in place and  others coming up in the near future.

If you have any Green living tips/info, please share.  Every little bit helps