Most people when asked what would they do if they won the lottery…the most common answers given is go on vacation and buy a house. I say….hire a live in , 24hr on call massage therapist. Available to give me a massage whenever I wanted. For the past six months I have been saying that I was going to get a massage, as I have neck, shoulder and back injuries from a car accident years ago and I needed one badly as I was in pain…Today was finally the day.

I am not one of those lucky people who have a health insurance plan that covers massages (yes I am jealous…so many of my friends who do, NEVER take advantage of it? Crazy!) so I opted for a student to do the massage for ONLY $37 ….at the prestigious Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic at 330 Dupont St. Suite 400 (1 block west of Dupont subway station) Call 924-1107 ext. 10 ….to book an appointment

These are qualified students that are supervised by professional teachers that randomly monitor the massage. Since I have had a lot of massages over the years, by some amazing therapists, I was honestly a bit worried whether I would like the quality of the massage. Gladly, it was amazing. The students name giving me the massage was Josh. He was a very nice and had a very calming personality that put me at ease. Due to my injuries I did not choose to do the relaxation massage, which is a choice, but instead choose to focus on treating the problem areas. He worked on the injured areas for about 40 minutes after he did the initial first assessment. I will try the relaxing massage next time.

The massage area was one large, very clean and nice room, with thick curtains dividing the different massage beds/stations.

I felt so much relief of the pain that I had when I 1st arrived. Left feeling relaxed and refreshed. I went home and took an Epsom salt bath which is recommended after a massage. Heavenly!

A great massage… AN INSTANT MINI-VACATION in the busy city for *only* $37.00!

They also do specialty clinics for…Seniors, Pregnancy, Sports Injury, Breast Massage,Pelvic Chronic Pelvic Pain, Central Nervous System Clinic….

All these clinics if you are eligible are * only* $15 for a 1 hour appointment.

I qualified for the breast massage clinic because I had surgery a few years ago.

Will let you know how that goes next week.

I need to win the lottery ASAP, I need a massage everyday! 😉

***I have completed 1 WEEK of FUN in Toronto! Only 51 more weeks to go!

Please send me some ideas and recommendations of FUN and interesting things to do in the city! (Unless it is a worm eating contest lol…one of my smart Alec friends suggested that).
I would also like to thank everyone for your comments. Keep them coming I really appreciate them and they encourage me to keep going and to finish this exciting New Years Resolution! And please forward my blog to your friends and family. I will be announcing the details of my 1st contest/ give away this week…so subscribe and keep on reading. See you tomorrow

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