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CANADIAN MUSIC FEST 2010 ~March 10-14~Toronto


This week… Thursday March 10 to Sunday March 14, 2010

*700 Artists*

*45 Bands*

*5 Days*

***1 Wristband***

You can see great live music and Toronto graffiti art for as little as $5!

Check the website below to see the list of artists/bands and schedule.


There is a lot of great musical talent in this city!

Enjoy and support our local artists.

Hope to see some of you at one of the many venues taking in some good music.

Have a FUN weekend!

DAY# 114 of 365-The Marriage of Figaro-A Comedic Opera

Last night I was invited to the opening night of Opera Atelier’s new production, The Marriage of Figaro , by Mozart.

A few weeks ago I saw some of the performers at 1st Canadian Place giving a mini preview of tonight’s show.

Below are a few short video clips I took that day….

Opera Atelier-A little Opera in Downtown Toronto & A little taste of opera in downtown Toronto-OperaAtelier.com

So based on the amazing short performances I saw, and after talking to a few of the performers, I knew I had see this opera.

But tonight’s production exceeded my expectations, and then some.  From the moment the curtains opened, I was in awe and transported back in time to 1786.  The costumes were divine.  Colourful, ornate, elaborate, big, bold and such attention to detail.  The Marriage of Figaro was VERY funny and witty.  A night of laughs, and woven into this comedic opera is a tale of love, betrayal and forgiveness.  I am so lucky to live in a city with so many talented artists.  What a spectacular experience.  I really enjoyed every single thing about this opera… from the singing, to the magnificent costumes, to the set.

The opera is in ENGLISH.  Also thanks to Sun Life Financial, “SURTITLES technology” was a part of the performance, which just enhanced the experience of the opera, by making it more accessible, so anyone can understand and enjoy opera.  I am all for making the arts MORE ACCESSIBLE to EVERYONE from all backgrounds.  And I believe the opera is for EVERYONE!

(The first time I fell in love with the joys and absolute beauty of opera, was when I was a teenager.  I was watching the Oscar winning movie, Philadelphia, starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington , during the popular and very moving opera scene when Tom Hanks was explaining the meaning behind  \”La Mamma Morta\” performed by the most renowned opera singer of the 20th century Maria Callas to Denzel.

I dare you to watch it without being moved.  Simply beautiful.  The POWER of MUSIC!)

~Here is a short video of part of the preparation process, before this beautiful and elaborate opera took the stage…

Opera Atelier Celebrates 25 Extraordinary Years

I always try to personally thank the performers and artists for sharing their talents and for making me smile and leave happier than when I first arrived.  Here are a few pictures I took with some of the very talented and friendly artists in the production….

HANK to all the artists from the actors, choir, orchestra, set and costume designers, everyone behind the scenes, Opera Atelier, and all the sponsors and the donors who make such world class art, available and accessible to the people in the city of Toronto.  I, no…’we’ are truly grateful!