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Toronto, Raccoon Capital of the World!

raccoon1Raccoons have become a menace in Toronto. It seems that nothing can stop them. They are in the attic, on the front porch, digging up the lawn and eating up the garden. This city has been given a new name by default: Toronto, raccoon capital of the world! These little rascals seem to have taken over as they rummage through dust bins causing a mess, nest in crawlspaces in the home and ruin gardens. The sad thing is that it seems that the municipality is taking its time coming up with a culling program or a solution for the menace.  There is a great a source nuisancewildlife.ca  about Toronto wildlife that will help you learn more about the fauna of this marvellous city.

Those who have called animal control find that unless the animal has been injured or is feeling sick, they will generally not come out and deal with it. However, you can call a pest control company that will charge you to remove the pest from your premises safely. Unfortunately, the most that the pest control company can do is to take the animal away from your premises and release it somewhere else. Most people feel that this particular action is not a solution. It is simply removing one person’s problem and making it someone else’s It seems that the people of Toronto, raccoon capital of the world, are going to have to learn how to share the environment with these pests. One of the things that have to change, if you are going to at least try to live with them, is to remove the sources of food as much as possible. This will include the removal of bird seed from the lawn or pet food from your porch. In addition, you will need to get rid of sources of shelter – places where they can nest and live close to your home. Unfortunately, you may find that you have an unwanted visitor in your chimney or in the attic and for this you will need to call a pest removal company If you are brave you can try trapping the raccoon and removing it yourself. However this can be tricky. You may find that instead of catching the raccoon you catch a different animal – a cat or even a skunk. You will also have to consider the trapping method you use. It needs to be humane and legal or you could find yourself facing the law. Make sure that the trap you use is the right size and that it is made of a sturdy material because raccoons are also guite strong.

The other thing you need to consider once you trap the raccoon is where to release it and how to do it without getting hurt yourself. You must ensure that at all times you are conscious of the welfare of the raccoon. In addition, you will need to drive at least some 10 miles away before you can release it. and even then, you can only release it in a place that is acceptable. Another thing to note is that you may need licensing to trap and then relocate the raccoon. Find out what the reguirements for ridding yourself of this pest are in Toronto, raccoon capital of the world.